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First Female to Play in the NFL


First Female to Play in the NFL

—Breaking news this morning as the Cleveland Browns announced they have signed the first female in NFL history. Contrary to popular belief that the first female in the NFL would be a kicker, the Browns have signed linebacker Becky O’Shea, who is better known by her nickname Icebox.

Becky came into our offices late last night to sit down with us and explain the emotions she was going through. “I have only been this excited before once in my life and that was winning a peewee game against my uncle. I never thought I would feel that way again. I always loved football even if it wasn’t what most girls would do. I got caught up trying to fit in and actually was a cheerleader for a short time, but it wasn’t me. The turning point in my career was when a teammate of mine named Spike told me he didn’t play with girls. That stuck with me and is something I have used for motivation ever since. I hope to be an inspiration to all the girls out there but more importantly I hope to kick some butt.”

We asked her what the first thing is she would buy with her new contract. She smiled and said “A new car for my dad. He is getting to old to be driving a go-kart around.”

Becky who is married to her longtime sweetheart Junior has two kids and hopes to show them anything is possible. Her husband Junior couldn’t be more excited for her and actually played some small college football as a QB. He currently works as a district manager for a well-known toilet paper distributor, but may have to resign to stay home with the kids.

Abortion Music

Every day that goes by is another day where I get to see people argue about abortion. I am not quite sure what there is to argue about.

Abortion is murder.

But wait, what about rape, the mother’s wellbeing or if the baby is going to be severely disabled? That’s a good argument. Let’s base all of our decisions on something that happens less than 5% of the time.

Planned Parenthood does great things and only 3% of the funds go towards abortion. Plus the 3% is not federally funded it is different money.

First off, if somebody is a class act but 3% of the time likes to commit murders, then that person is evil. Ted Bundy committed murders way way less than 3% of his time, but I think we can agree that he is evil. Secondly, the federal money and the private money goes into one pot and is split up. Yes, technically the federal money may not pay for abortion but its pays for a lot of things allowing PP to stay open. If that money disappeared then the private money would have to go to cover that stuff. The federal money allows PP to use the private money for abortions.

Anyways, I know 10 million things have been written about this in the last 10 minutes alone. What I haven’t seen is any music recommendations being made about this topic. I am a big believer in music and its ability to connect with listeners at a deeper level in a way talking can’t. Music gets an emotional connection out of us whether it’s to motivate us in life or to make a scary movie scene even that much scarier. It’s psychologically proven to do so.

The first song is from Flipsyde called Happy Birthday. Side note: I am going to write about a member of the band called Piper because he is doing amazing things. The band Flipsyde is not a Christian band in anyway. Piper is simply a guy who had an abortion when he was younger and now regrets it. It is one of the best 25 songs of all time. The chorus is incredibly powerful when Piper says “Happy birthday, I love you, whoever you would have been.” Give it a listen.

The second song is from Trip Lee called Beautiful Life. He is a Christian rapper and a pretty good one at that. The chorus again is tear worthy. It goes “Beautiful life inside, living, moving, breathing. So let hope arise. God knew what he was doing when He gave, Beautiful, beautiful life.” Give it a listen.


It is also a very good song although I would say Happy Birthday is just a tad better due to the pure emotion you feel from Piper while he raps.

No matter what your take is on abortion gives these two songs a listen and tell me you are not moved by them.

Convenient Jesus

skipping church

James 1:2-4

“Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.”

Convenient Jesus

I had the idea to write about Convenient Jesus two weeks ago during the NFL season kickoff. I wrote it down but didn’t do much with it. 2Two weeks later after skipping church twice the message hits close to home for me so I figured it was time.

The church I go to averages around 300-400 people on a given Sunday. I am located in Washington State home of the 12th man. The first week of the season the Seahawks were playing a 10:00 AM game. 10:00 AM games are always rough for church. Combine that with the fact it was week 1 and that made it even rougher. Church was down 150 people from the previous week. 150, and it’s not like the previous week was Easter either. The previous week was Labor Day with people out of town for the three day weekend.

Whether we like it or not this is what are actions are saying.

I love going to church except for when the Seahawks are playing. I love Jesus so much except for when my friends want to go out drinking. I hate sin except if it is a sin I do all the time. I pray every night except for when I am tired. I would read my bible more except that I am super busy. I would give to the poor except I don’t make enough money. I would pay attention in church except I need to update my fantasy roster. I would be on fire for the Lord except…

We have turned Jesus into someone we go to and spend time with only when nothing else is going on. How many times have you read about Moses and laughed when they made a gold cow to worship instead of God? It is quite humorous to me. That is until I skip church to watch grown men play a game and spend more time on my fantasy team than I do in the bible. Then it’s not so funny. It’s actually depressing.

The reason we do all the above things is simple…

We don’t need Jesus.

Or at least we act like we don’t.

You hear stories in India where pastors are digging their own graves before they go out and preach knowing they could get killed in doing so. You also hear in India about a place where God is doing great things. How can we count it all joy when we endure trials if we never go through trials? We all have housing, clothing, food, and water. We have more right now than at any time in the history of the world. We have it all. Except for a REAL relationship with Jesus. The places where the Holy Spirit is doing the greatest work are also places where the Devil is trying to do is greatest work.

One of my favorites quotes is “I hope to live a life worthy of the devil noticing me and have him send a demon to try and stop me.”

I do have good news though. Being a Christian in America is getting tougher. Try being against homosexuality right, you will get some push back. Try saying you are waiting for marriage to have sex. Try not swearing regularly when everyone around you is. All of that is considered crazy. All of that is good news. It is joy.

When you lean into the Lord and you fight addiction, you fight sin, you fight unrighteous. Those are the times when you feel Him the most. Look at Job who was the most righteous man on earth. Read all he went through. Being a Christian is not supposed to be easy because when life is easy you start to feel like you don’t need Jesus.

Know what you believe in and take a stand. Go through struggles for being a Christian because that is when you will feel joy. Have so much hope and faith in the Lord that you choose him over everything else on a daily basis.

Deny yourself in order to find your true self.


Tacoma Narrows Bridge Facts


With the tolls on the Narrows Bridge going up a couple months ago, I wanted to do a little research on when the bridge will be paid for. I looked around a lot of different sites and gathered info from them and this is what I found.
1. The bridge cost 690 million to build.

2. The interest rate on it is 5.85%.

3. The annual expenses of the bridge excluding payments are around 11 million a year.

4. It grossed 63 million last year meaning it profited 52 million excluding loan payments.

5. There is not an exact number on how long the loan I could find but it appears as if the it is structured until 2030.

6. That means a total of 1.25 billion will be paid for the bridge. Principal + interest.

7. We have paid off around 350-400 million.

8. We still owe 850 million on it.

9. With the toll raise today the bridge will make a projected 66 million over the next 12 months.

10. In the 12 months after it should make 73 million.

11.The toll will get up to $6 in 2016.

12. When the toll hits $6 it should make $80 million.

 13. In 3 years we will owe 630 million.

14. At 80 million a year it will take a little under 8 years to pay it off.

15. If you add the 3 years plus the 8, the bridge should be paid off around 2025/2026.

That is about all I could find. If you have other information please let me know.

A Mile in His Shoes


A Mile in His Shoes

This movie is about a minor league baseball team who finds a star pitcher with Asperger’s syndrome named Mickey. Not that you could tell by the name of the movie. A Mile in His Shoes sounds like it would be a track movie. A Game in His Mitt would have been a much better title.

For 90 minutes you get to watch the world’s youngest minor league baseball team in the world play. The average age on the team looks like it’s about 17 years old, which has to be against child labor laws. Unless for some reason the creator of the movie thinks you have to be a minor to play in the minors.

The plot of the story is this. Lefty the star pitcher gets jealous of the new kid with Asperger’s because he is taking innings away from him. Lefty’s girlfriend who didn’t look much better than me wearing a wig helps set a trap. The Asperger’s kid is then kidnapped. Eventually the police find out it was Lefty and he is cut from the team. BUT WAIT!!! The championship game is this Friday and Lefty is now on the other team!!! Side note: They probably showed 4 or 5 different games in the movie which seemed to be against the same team spread out over a couple week period. No minor league baseball team in the world plays the same team every other week. Could you not have gotten 9 more extras and made up one more team?? Back to the “plot”. It is the bottom of the 9th and Lefty is up to bat. The only problem with this scene is that Lefty is batting from the right side of the plate. Why is his name lefty if he bat’s right?!?! Very confusing to say the least. Believe it or now Lefty strikes out to lose the game and Mickey is the big hero! Didn’t see that coming.

Note to the director/producer and anyone else who worked on the movie. HIRE ME. I will tell you all the problems with your movie before you finish it. That way we can do some reshoots before the film is locked. How can you make a movie where the 2nd most important character is named Lefty, but bats right? This movie loses all credibly in that scene alone.

I have never acted a day in my life. Except for acting that I like my coworkers. Nothing besides that. I would have been the best actor in the movie. I don’t say that to brag either. That is an insult. I am not sure any of the other actors in the movie had ever seen a baseball. They would throw a pitch that by the form they used wouldn’t have gone faster than 40mph only to have the director smash cut to the catcher who is shaking his hand after catching it. You are allowed to have people in your movie who can’t play baseball if they can act. When you have neither like you did it makes it really tough.

When you film the sequel Two Miles in His Shoes let me know. I will gladly VOLUNTEER my acting skills, my baseball knowledge, and my hypervigilance to help out.


Netflix has this at 4/5 stars and the genre of drama/sports. Unclear how it got that many stars unless it had a really good game of Mario Party.

If we leave it in drama/sports genre I would give it a 1/5 stars.

If we move it over to the comedy department I would bump the rating up the 2.5/5 stars. It is pretty funny even if it was unintentional.


If you’re bored here is the order of things I would do. 1. Watch your neighbor mow his yard. 2. Watch this movie. 3. Watch paint dry.

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