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Tacoma Narrows Bridge Facts


With the tolls on the Narrows Bridge going up a couple months ago, I wanted to do a little research on when the bridge will be paid for. I looked around a lot of different sites and gathered info from them and this is what I found.
1. The bridge cost 690 million to build.

2. The interest rate on it is 5.85%.

3. The annual expenses of the bridge excluding payments are around 11 million a year.

4. It grossed 63 million last year meaning it profited 52 million excluding loan payments.

5. There is not an exact number on how long the loan I could find but it appears as if the it is structured until 2030.

6. That means a total of 1.25 billion will be paid for the bridge. Principal + interest.

7. We have paid off around 350-400 million.

8. We still owe 850 million on it.

9. With the toll raise today the bridge will make a projected 66 million over the next 12 months.

10. In the 12 months after it should make 73 million.

11.The toll will get up to $6 in 2016.

12. When the toll hits $6 it should make $80 million.

 13. In 3 years we will owe 630 million.

14. At 80 million a year it will take a little under 8 years to pay it off.

15. If you add the 3 years plus the 8, the bridge should be paid off around 2025/2026.

That is about all I could find. If you have other information please let me know.

Written by Derris


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