A little about myself for those who are interested. I have been told I look like Paul Walker (RIP), if he had a twin brother with down syndrome. Quite the compliment! Ohh and just to be clear, I am the left picture above. I am also a Christian, which is why I do Crossfit, because we all know Jesus invented it. It’s also why I play basketball. After all, 12 people on a team=12 disciples. 1 head coach=Jesus. 1 alpha dog=Peter. When I am not doing those things I also like to trail run. If your thinking all that exercise sounds miserable. Your right. I don’t actually know why I do it all now that I think about it. When I am not working at my day job or working out, I love to write, hence this website. I also like to record things and have built a vocal booth in my extra bedroom where I enjoy rapping terribly.

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