Tacoma Narrows Bridge Facts


With the tolls on the Narrows Bridge going up a couple months ago, I wanted to do a little research on when the bridge will be paid for. I looked around a lot of different sites and gathered info from them and this is what I found.
1. The bridge cost 690 million to build.

2. The interest rate on it is 5.85%.

3. The annual expenses of the bridge excluding payments are around 11 million a year.

4. It grossed 63 million last year meaning it profited 52 million excluding loan payments.

5. There is not an exact number on how long the loan I could find but it appears as if the it is structured until 2030.

6. That means a total of 1.25 billion will be paid for the bridge. Principal + interest.

7. We have paid off around 350-400 million.

8. We still owe 850 million on it.

9. With the toll raise today the bridge will make a projected 66 million over the next 12 months.

10. In the 12 months after it should make 73 million.

11.The toll will get up to $6 in 2016.

12. When the toll hits $6 it should make $80 million.

 13. In 3 years we will owe 630 million.

14. At 80 million a year it will take a little under 8 years to pay it off.

15. If you add the 3 years plus the 8, the bridge should be paid off around 2025/2026.

That is about all I could find. If you have other information please let me know.

A Mile in His Shoes


A Mile in His Shoes

This movie is about a minor league baseball team who finds a star pitcher with Asperger’s syndrome named Mickey. Not that you could tell by the name of the movie. A Mile in His Shoes sounds like it would be a track movie. A Game in His Mitt would have been a much better title.

For 90 minutes you get to watch the world’s youngest minor league baseball team in the world play. The average age on the team looks like it’s about 17 years old, which has to be against child labor laws. Unless for some reason the creator of the movie thinks you have to be a minor to play in the minors.

The plot of the story is this. Lefty the star pitcher gets jealous of the new kid with Asperger’s because he is taking innings away from him. Lefty’s girlfriend who didn’t look much better than me wearing a wig helps set a trap. The Asperger’s kid is then kidnapped. Eventually the police find out it was Lefty and he is cut from the team. BUT WAIT!!! The championship game is this Friday and Lefty is now on the other team!!! Side note: They probably showed 4 or 5 different games in the movie which seemed to be against the same team spread out over a couple week period. No minor league baseball team in the world plays the same team every other week. Could you not have gotten 9 more extras and made up one more team?? Back to the “plot”. It is the bottom of the 9th and Lefty is up to bat. The only problem with this scene is that Lefty is batting from the right side of the plate. Why is his name lefty if he bat’s right?!?! Very confusing to say the least. Believe it or now Lefty strikes out to lose the game and Mickey is the big hero! Didn’t see that coming.

Note to the director/producer and anyone else who worked on the movie. HIRE ME. I will tell you all the problems with your movie before you finish it. That way we can do some reshoots before the film is locked. How can you make a movie where the 2nd most important character is named Lefty, but bats right? This movie loses all credibly in that scene alone.

I have never acted a day in my life. Except for acting that I like my coworkers. Nothing besides that. I would have been the best actor in the movie. I don’t say that to brag either. That is an insult. I am not sure any of the other actors in the movie had ever seen a baseball. They would throw a pitch that by the form they used wouldn’t have gone faster than 40mph only to have the director smash cut to the catcher who is shaking his hand after catching it. You are allowed to have people in your movie who can’t play baseball if they can act. When you have neither like you did it makes it really tough.

When you film the sequel Two Miles in His Shoes let me know. I will gladly VOLUNTEER my acting skills, my baseball knowledge, and my hypervigilance to help out.


Netflix has this at 4/5 stars and the genre of drama/sports. Unclear how it got that many stars unless it had a really good game of Mario Party.

If we leave it in drama/sports genre I would give it a 1/5 stars.

If we move it over to the comedy department I would bump the rating up the 2.5/5 stars. It is pretty funny even if it was unintentional.


If you’re bored here is the order of things I would do. 1. Watch your neighbor mow his yard. 2. Watch this movie. 3. Watch paint dry.

CrossFit Charity


The above picture of an Instagram post says “Epic 10k run for the @ultimatehawaiiantrailrun. I suggest everybody who didn’t get a chance to do it this year sign up next year. We were able to raise enough money to support local kids of Kauai to do CrossFit free of charge for the next two years…amazing.”

I was scrolling the random picture part of IG last night when I saw this. I am big on running and I clicked on it to find out what it was about. That was when I saw it was a fundraiser so kids can do CrossFit…

About 3 years ago I got invited to a charity by a friend who was helping put the event on. It sounded fun to me and I said I would go. Only when I got there did I realize the charity was to raise money for disabled kids so they could sail.

First off, sailing is a luxury item. I don’t know one person who has ever sailed before mainly because of the cost associated. I would put sailing in the helicopter ride department. Yes they exist. Nobody I know has ever done it.

Secondly, this may make me sound like a horrible human being but I don’t want disabled kids to be able to sail. I want them with clothes, food, a great family, and a roof over their heads. But they don’t need to sail. I am perfectly able and still can’t sail. Life isn’t always fair.

Thirdly, last I checked hunger, cancer, and orphans still exist. Once we get those taken care of then maybe just maybe we can move onto disabled kids sailing.

That brings me to the fundraiser for kids who can’t afford CrossFit. Good news and bad news here. Good news. You can do Fran with us today. Bad news. You may die from malnutrition. We are getting really close to having a fundraiser for a fundraiser. What cause are we supporting tonight? We are supporting a fundraiser who is supporting a fundraiser who is supporting disabled kids doing CrossFit. I might have gotten my stories mixed up but you get the point.

I might even put doing CrossFit below sailing. At least sailing has been around for a while. CrossFit only got invented 10 minutes ago. If we want to have a CrossFit fundraiser for kids. It shouldn’t be to pay for their memberships. It should be to pay there deductible when they get injured. Queue the hate mail from the insane CrossFit community who swears nobody has ever gotten injured as half the gym does a modified WOD due to injury. Stop writing me hate mail and get back on your foam roller!!

I love the thought and energy that we want to help someone and put on an event. I would just like to make sure kids aren’t starving to death before we get them access to a pull-up bar. Call me old fashioned.

I would rather donate money to “Michael Scott’s Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race for the Cure” before sailing and CrossFit.

Can you imagine someone asking you what charity you support and having to reply “Kids for CrossFit?” That sounds like a bad article on The Onion.

It did inspire me though to launch my own charity which will be starting up next week. Raising Money to Raise Professional Athletes Children. RMRPAC for short. I have a dream that one day all of Antonio Cromartie’s kids will be fully sponsored through the program. All ten of them.

If you think that charity shouldn’t exist, I leave you with this…


Big Mac Mile


McDonalds to Come out with Big Mac Mile Campaign

—Breaking news this morning out of Oak Brook, IL as McDonalds announces a brand new campaign. In a hope to promote exercise as well as McDonald’s food they announced the Big Mac Mile. For those who haven’t heard it will be the same format as the beer mile. Participants will run a mile stopping every lap to eat a Big Mac.

Ronald was nice enough to accept are interview request and said this “I was recently hanging out with Michelle Obama at the White House. As you all know she is big into promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. For many that seems like it would exclude our food. That is when I had my come to Jesus moment. What if we combined the two? I pitched it Mrs. Obama and she got so excited she took off on a run. When she got back 45 minutes later we ironed out some of the details and are proud to say the first event will take place next month. This upcoming October on the 18th at 2pm at the University of Washington track we will have the first race. We are also excited to announce that celebrity Morgan Spurlock who some of you may know from the documentary Supersize Me will be there in attendance.”

With a $10 signup fee the race is expected to fill up quickly. Big Mac’s will not be provided so make sure you stop and get four of them a couple days before the race.

They also hope to gather footage from this inaugural event and use it in a mass marketing campaign. If you ever wanted your 5 seconds of fame you may never get a better opportunity in your life.    

If you are interested in signing up, more information can be found at www.bigmacmilecampaignwithmorganspurlockapprovedmymichelleobama.com



For the last year or so it feels like a have been hearing a lot about the $10 dollar bill. I have been hearing that a woman needs to be on it. Even a couple nights ago during the GOP debate a question about it popped up. They asked who should be on it and the candidates answered Susan B. Anthony, Harriet Truman, Rosa Parks, their wives, etc…

Anyone who picked there wife I immediately lost all respect for. I hate that answer. Who is your best friend? My wife. That is false. Calling your wife you best friend should be insulting for her. Being married should transcend friendship. It is something far greater because people have many best friends but only one wife. My wife will never be my best friend! I should mention that I am single and the reason I am single is making a lot more sense to me now.


I have never understood why woman weren’t more offended of Bruce now Cate Jenner. What he did was basically say the only thing it takes to be a woman is to put makeup on and wear ladies clothes. That should have infuriated woman everywhere. There is so SO much more to woman than that. Like their ability to do laundry…:) Kidding. The $10 bill does the same thing.

Woman I know you have struggled in this country. I know you were denied voting rights until 1920 and make 77 cents to our dollar, but I know how to fix it. If we put a woman on the $10 bill, all will be forgotten. The way you fix all the problems woman have is by simply putting a woman on the $10 bill. They should be burning down buildings for that type of mindset. Woman should be insulted that people think currency is holding them back.

The $10?

If we are going to change a bill in the year 2020, wouldn’t it make more sense to change the $20? There are a few reasons why.

  1. We are going to change it in the year 2020 so why not change the $20? The campaign could be in 2020 change the $20.
  2. I haven’t seen a $10 bill in months. I go to the ATM and can only get $20’s. I buy something for $11 bucks and get a $5 and some ones for my change. A $10 bill has to be the least used bill we have.
  3. In my wallet right now I have zero cash in it. What I do have is 3 credit cards. Cash is going extinct. What about a Rosa Parks credit card? Instead of saving 1% on all purchases it could be a donation where 1% of all purchase goes to the Rosa Parks Scholarship Foundation? That seems like it would help out a lot more people than changing a bill would.

Real Problems

Last I checked graduations rates in this country aren’t great. We have a national debt that is skyrocketing, and far too many single parents. What I like to do is work big to small on my problems. If my roof is leaking and my bathroom is dirty I am going to fix the roof first. I am very pragmatic that way. Once the roof is fixed then I will clean bathroom. Changing a bill seems like we are cleaning the bathroom before we fix the leak.

Why don’t we worry about are national debt first? Then move onto the $10 bill? The national debt is a real problem and changing the bill won’t mean anything in 25 years when we are forced to use the Chinese Yuan.


If you are a woman and you are reading this let me tell you something. Nobody can hold you back. If you really want something you can get it. Don’t let anyone tell you a $10 bill will change anything. I don’t know a single woman that is held back because she is woman. The company I work for is owned by a woman. My boss is a woman. Nothing has held them back because they didn’t allow anything to hold them back.

The best advice I have ever got in life was this. The only person who can hold you back is yourself. Nobody else cares enough about you to hold you back.

If you are a woman and are waiting for 2020 to go after your goals/dreams I have bad news. Changing the $10 bill will not help you one bit! Success is all about mindset. We all have different journey’s in life, some easier than others. The day you give up and say the system is against me is the day you lose. The system may be against me or it may be against you. I really don’t know and I really don’t care. I am going to go out and bust my butt trying to succeed in life. I am confident that even if the system is trying to hold me back it won’t be able to.

Don’t use a crutch in life if you have no injury.

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