Football Season Is Finally Here


Football season starts tomorrow!!! It is the second greatest day of the year besides when the NBA starts. I want to brag a little today about my fantasy team names, make some predictions that way I have them in writing, and name the two teams that will be in the Super Bowl this year.

Fantasy Names

I take great pride in naming my fantasy teams. I like to have something funny, offensive or a combination of the two in my name. Two years ago during the whole Aaron Hernandez trial I went the team name Aaron Hernanderris. An instant classic. Last year all I heard was about the Washington Redskins names being offensive so I really pushed the envelope with my team name…The Washington Whiteskins. This year I was struggling to think of something. I thought about doing a name referencing deflated footballs, but thought that was to easy. Only chumps would do something that easy. Then I got lucky and Geno Smith got punched and broke his jaw. Poor Geno. Lucky Derris. In fact, after that happened I didn’t even have to pick the name, the name picked me. Fitzpatrick’s Hit Man.

If you think you can top that leave a comment with your fantasy team name. My second favorite name I have heard this year is JPP’s Missing Finger.

Also while on the subject of fantasy, I am a 12 team league and got stuck with the 7th pick! That’s the worst spot you could possibly be. There are only 5 or 6 guys on the top level and none of them were left for me to pick. It’s like having a draft picking The Office characters. Michael, Jim, Dwight, Pam, Kevin, and Toby would be gone instantly. There is nothing wrong with Angela, Meredith, Oscar, etc…They are just not on the same level the first six. If you disagree with Toby being there, you’re wrong. What Michael does to him a daily basis in the show makes him one of the top 6 characters.

If you don’t watch The Office and didn’t get the metaphor here’s one you might understand. If you don’t watch The Office you should probably start as it is the greatest show ever. Secondly imagine it’s Star Trek or am I thinking about Star Wars? I’m not sure, there both pretty much the same exact thing so it doesn’t really matter. Imagine the first 6 (I guess I’ll go with Star Wars movies) are off the board. You are then stuck with Clone Wars. It’s just a horrible spot to be in.


All I want to do is be able to bet on sports. I would do it in a wise way and not bet too much, although I feel like I know enough about sports to be successful at it. Saying that though it is easy to pick the winners looking back at them once the season ends. I figured this year I will get them in writing and will have stick with what I picked. If I have good year I may or may not be moving to Las Vegas for next year. My bags are packed though.

Here are my AFC division winners:





I know I know, I am going with the exact teams that won them last year, but I don’t see that changing.

In the NFC I am going with:





A little more variety from last year in the NFC.

In the AFC Wild Card I will go with:


Texans (I love JJ Watt so I am a little biased)

And in the NFC


Lions or Cowboys

If I have to pick one I will go with Lions. Sorry Cowboy fans.

In the NFC it has never been easier to pick the Super Bowl participant. The Detroit Lions. Kidding. Sorry Lions fans. I am a Lions fan and I know how much that just hurt. I probably shouldn’t have even brought it up. I will go with the Seahawks.

In the AFC I have zero idea. How about the Steelers for a little Super Bowl rematch of XL.

The Super Bowl winner will be…..

The Seattle Seahawks.

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