Abortion Music

Every day that goes by is another day where I get to see people argue about abortion. I am not quite sure what there is to argue about.

Abortion is murder.

But wait, what about rape, the mother’s wellbeing or if the baby is going to be severely disabled? That’s a good argument. Let’s base all of our decisions on something that happens less than 5% of the time.

Planned Parenthood does great things and only 3% of the funds go towards abortion. Plus the 3% is not federally funded it is different money.

First off, if somebody is a class act but 3% of the time likes to commit murders, then that person is evil. Ted Bundy committed murders way way less than 3% of his time, but I think we can agree that he is evil. Secondly, the federal money and the private money goes into one pot and is split up. Yes, technically the federal money may not pay for abortion but its pays for a lot of things allowing PP to stay open. If that money disappeared then the private money would have to go to cover that stuff. The federal money allows PP to use the private money for abortions.

Anyways, I know 10 million things have been written about this in the last 10 minutes alone. What I haven’t seen is any music recommendations being made about this topic. I am a big believer in music and its ability to connect with listeners at a deeper level in a way talking can’t. Music gets an emotional connection out of us whether it’s to motivate us in life or to make a scary movie scene even that much scarier. It’s psychologically proven to do so.

The first song is from Flipsyde called Happy Birthday. Side note: I am going to write about a member of the band called Piper because he is doing amazing things. The band Flipsyde is not a Christian band in anyway. Piper is simply a guy who had an abortion when he was younger and now regrets it. It is one of the best 25 songs of all time. The chorus is incredibly powerful when Piper says “Happy birthday, I love you, whoever you would have been.” Give it a listen.

The second song is from Trip Lee called Beautiful Life. He is a Christian rapper and a pretty good one at that. The chorus again is tear worthy. It goes “Beautiful life inside, living, moving, breathing. So let hope arise. God knew what he was doing when He gave, Beautiful, beautiful life.” Give it a listen.


It is also a very good song although I would say Happy Birthday is just a tad better due to the pure emotion you feel from Piper while he raps.

No matter what your take is on abortion gives these two songs a listen and tell me you are not moved by them.

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