Everything Won’t Be Okay


The above pictures has been making the rounds on social media. The place I got it from had over 50k shares and 100,000k likes. It seems harmless enough, but I can’t stand the message its making. It hits close to home for me because in two weeks I turn 23. I am writing this mainly for myself, but as well as motivation to you reading this.

I am someone who likes pain and likes being uncomfortable. I like those because that is when you grow. I recently had a meeting with my boss where I basically said “My job is too easy and I want to do things that I don’t know how to do.” If you workout the best thing you can be is sore. That means you have broken you muscles down and they are rebuilding stronger. This picture makes it seem like you don’t have to worry and everything will be alright. “Oh you don’t believe me? Well look at these successful people who at the age of 23 were struggling. It worked out for them, didn’t it?”

Below I will do a little back story on each of the 4 named people and will explain to you that you should worry and everything won’t be okay.

J.K Rowling

At 23 she had graduated from college with a 4 year degree in French and Classics. Once she graduated she got a job as a researcher and bilingual secretary. It says she was broke but she had a job and by all accounts made enough to pay her bills. That makes her like 98% of people out there. Two short years later at the age of 25 she came up with the idea for Harry Potter. While technically at age 23 she wasn’t doing great, she had career possibilities. She is also a genius and if you are reading this that means you aren’t. Shots fired at me and you. If you are 23, I wouldn’t bank on pulling the Harry Potter idea out of your butt in 2 years.

Tina Fey

At 23 she had already graduated from college with a Bachelor of Arts degree in drama. While at school she studied play-writing and acting and was awarded the Pettway Prize. She may have had a job YMCA but she had a degree in the field she wanted to get into. Like J.K Rowling she is also a genius. If you’re sitting at home waiting to magically turn into to Tina Fey then you’re off to a bad start.

Oprah Winfrey

This is where it gets easy. She was fired from being a television reporter at the age of 23. I would like to point out that in order to get fired as a television reporter, you have to first be a television reporter! Oprah wanted to get on T.V and she did. She may have gotten fired, but she had a job in the field she wanted to be in. You are 23 and haven’t even decided what you want to do in life. Let alone to have already gotten fired from it.

Walt Disney

Saved the easiest for last. He went bankrupt at age 23 meaning he took enough risks in life to where if he failed, he would go bankrupt. He went bankrupt because he started a film company and even signed a deal with a production company. That deal didn’t go as well as planned which led to him going bankrupt. Again, he was chasing after his dreams with no fear. He knew what he wanted to do and went after it at full speed, crashed, and got right back in the car

My main message here is whatever you want to do. DO IT!!! Yes, at the age of 23 none of them were who they are now, but they were laying the foundation for their life. They were either going to school, working in the field they wanted to be in, or were doing what they wanted to do. Don’t sit at home thinking one day you will wake up and appear in your dream job. That first of all takes talent. Secondly, it takes an insane work ethic where you out work everyone and then work some more. Thirdly, it takes courage. You will fail, you will not get knocked down, but you will get back up. Rocky said it best when he said “It’s not about how hard you can hit. It’s about how hard you can get it and keep moving forward.” Lastly, they had a little luck. Not the win the lottery type of luck. I am talking about the talent + hardworking + courage type of luck where they put themselves in an opportunity to get the one break they needed to be successful. If you are waiting for your break but haven’t done the first three things I mentioned, you will be waiting for ever.

The worst thing you can do is only dream. If you only dream about what you want to do you will never reach it. The longer you think about your dream but don’t chase after it, the more impossible your dream starts to feel. It is a long journey but it starts with two important steps. Dream and then take action. These steps don’t guarantee success, but it at least gives you a chance.

If you hit a half court buzzer beater to win a basketball are you lucky? I don’t know. What I do know is that you were in the game. You can’t win the game from the bench. You can’t win the game from the crowd and you definitely can’t win the game sitting at home. It’s time to get in the game.

To Whom It May Concern


To the Government More Specifically the Police

I respect what you guys do when it comes to stopping, fighting, and solving crime. What you guys do taxpaying citizens who are on their way to work is despicable. Let me paint a picture of my morning.

It is a Friday morning which is the last day of my work week. I am tired from a long weeks work and am running a few minutes late. When I work I make a trade. I trade 8 hours of my time for a paycheck. I trade that I am willing to make. You know who benefits the most from the trade I make? It’s you guys. While I trade 8 hours of my time, you guys are the big winners because 25% of my paycheck goes to you. I am completely fine paying my taxes when I am not treated with distain. When I am running a few minutes late I get nervous, as should you guys. If I am late I can get fired. If I get fired you guys lose out on 25% of my paycheck and in fact I could then go collect unemployment. That not only makes it so you get no money from me, but that you actually have to pay me. That seems like a bad trade for you guys doesn’t?

To anybody who says the police are just doing their job that is false. Here is a portion of a job description for being a police officer I found online.

Police officers work in partnership with the communities they serve to maintain law and order, protect members of the public and their property, prevent crime, reduce the fear of crime and improve the quality of life for all citizens.

Hmm I don’t see giving out tickets to people headed to work on there. If you think how does he know you are heading to work? This is how. It’s a Friday morning at 7:30am. Everybody on the road is heading to work. I got pulled over by the Bremerton police in Bremerton. If they have already fixed all the above mentioned issues such as crime and protecting me then by all means focus on people going 8 mph over the speed limit. Until then though let keep are priorities in order. This is not a Barney Fife scenario where if you give them 5 they take 10. If you give them 10 they take 15. Nope! I have and will continue to take around 8 mph over. Maybe Bremerton police has solved all the crime problems already? According to Bremerton has a 6 on the index scale. The scale they use is 1-100 with 100 being the safest. Does not seem like they have fixed all the other problems quite yet. What about the safety part when close to my house a couple months ago a woman and baby were murdered at 3am? That does not make me feel too safe. The good news though is that I got pulled over this morning so that must mean the solved the case…oh wait.

You may think well don’t blame the cop, blame the system. Somebody is telling them to pull people over. I do blame the system as well. In Washington state in 1909 the speed limit set was 24 mph. I got pulled over in a 30 mph. you are telling me that in the last 106 years that the speed limit has gone up only 6 mph? I know that on freeways we can go 60 mph but the 24 mph isn’t freeway driving because they didn’t exist 1909.

Here is a picture of a car from 1909.


My car has airbags, disk brakes, traction control, far superior tires, and countless other improvements. Why the utter distain for you citizens? All I want to do is drive to work and going 40 mph is completely safe even if the speed limit is 30. The 30 mph speed limit is insulting with modern day cars. When I got pulled over I could see a speed limit sign 100 feet in front of me that read 35 mph. In 3 more seconds I would have only been going 5 over, which shouldn’t matter because all that should matter is my safety. As I just mentioned I have never been safer in the history of time when it comes to driving a car.

In 1909 a racing car had 100HP. If you go by a used 2006 corolla that comes with 126HP. My point being that we have the technology in are cars to get up to speed much faster. There really is no reason for the speed limits to be so slow.

To Summarize

Yes I am mad I got pulled over and ticketed. So are 4 other people that I saw get pulled over on my drive to work. One of them by the same guy who had just pulled me over. As I listed above Bremerton is in the top 6% of worst crime cities in the country, so no I don’t feel safe. I am not that impressed with your crime solving rate either. If only you guys had extra people who weren’t doing any real police work who could help you solve them? I guess you better start an initiative for more funding so you could the needed man power. Or maybe throw a policeman’s ball? I’m just spit balling here.

Oh and thanks for giving me the option of a payment plan on the ticket. I thought I already did a weekly payment plan with you guys from my paycheck?

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